Accessible Bathtub Features

Accessibility inside the home is not something most people think about unless someone in the family suddenly has trouble doing the things they used to do. Issues with accessibility often pop up when people get to an age where moving around is not that easy anymore or when someone suffers an injury. When these things happen, you will need to assess your home and check if there are things you need to change for accessibility purposes.

Adding Accessibility inside Your Home

One such area you might want to focus on when it comes to altering a home for accessibility is your bathroom. You wouldn’t want to deprive family members with injuries or seniors from being able to safely use the bathroom at any time. Being able to safely use the bathroom and to soak in a hot tub to relax is something that they should still be able to do without worry, and to do this you need to look into changing things up a bit.

One thing you can consider when thinking of family members with accessibility needs for the bathroom and your bathtub is to invest in a walk-in bathtub. This is a tub that has a door you can open and close so it is easy to walk into the tub. There is no need to step over the high side of a standard tub when you have this in your home.

An accessible bathtub like this also has a built-in seat, slip-resistant floors, and handrails which make it very safe to use for seniors, people with disabilities, and those with mobility problems. You can also find accessible tubs with extra features such as spa-like massage jets, whirlpool features, and other therapeutic add-ons. There are also accessible bathtubs with built-in handheld showers, which make these double purpose tubs that can also be used for more than just soaking.

Remodeling Your Home for Accessibility

If you are looking to convert your bathroom in Newtown, CT into a more accessible one, Superior Remodelers is the company to call. Aside from installing steam showers in bathrooms and installing sauna kits in homes, we also specialize in other installation services and accessibility installations like ramp system installation and the installation of safe flooring for all parts of your home.

To find out how we can help you with your accessibility plans and renovations, feel free to contact us here or to call us at 888-330-8148 today.