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Customer Photo Solutions Provided
Daniel Bates
April 26, 2017

Rob F.
Danbury, CT
September 13, 2016

We carefully sprayed in 3" nominal closed cell spray foam into the crawl space. We inspected it afterwards to make sure it was 3" all around.

Tyron A.
Trumbull, CT
September 1, 2016

We installed Certainteed flagstone colored vinyl siding with white corner posts, along with Okna 500 series deluxe windows. We then removed the old entry door, put drywall down and covered the wall in siding. Lastly, we installed an Okna PD8800 patio door.

Mirza S.
Redding, CT
August 25, 2016

Instead of using Timberline shingles, we found Owens Corning brand in a terra cotta color that Mirza liked. There were several pieces of plywood that were rotted so we replaced them.

John S.
Monroe, CT
August 24, 2016

We installed new bay windows, adding new cedar shakes on the outside of the windows. We then put new trim pieces on the inside, and put timberline shingles on the tops of the windows to match the roof.

Tilden R.
Hamden, CT
August 16, 2016

We carefully installed each window to make sure that there were not any gaps. Then we sealed the edges and trim with spray foam first, lastly we caulked all around the inside and outside the windows.

Andy R.
Patterson, NY
August 12, 2016

We Covered the outside of the house with Tyvek house wrap, we then installed flagstone colored perfection Certainteed siding.

Joe M.
Yorktown, NY
August 6, 2016

We installed R-21 3 inch spray foam along the walls, along with R-27 spray foam in the kitchen walls to meet regulations.

Dante S.
Riverside, CT
August 3, 2016

Considering the window was near the roof, we were able to attach support cables to the soffit to make sure the window was securely installed.

David H.
Monroe, CT
August 2, 2016

Our company efficiently installed a new Okna PD8800 door. It was bronze colored to meet the condo regulations.

Mark V.
Fairfield, CT
August 1, 2016

We were able to install new Okna 500 series windows in the home, along with capping that matched the color of the rest of the house. the windows were properly sealed so that water would not leak in anymore.

Sheryl G.
Branford, CT
July 27, 2016

We removed the old siding and trim off of the house, and installed new "Mastic Carved-wood" 44" Russet Red siding. We Demoed the front overhang and put new trim, along with a storm door, at the front entrance. The side door was taken out and properly sided, and we added the octagon window in its place. Lastly, we put new screened gutters in after the old ones were removed.

Andy S.
Woodbridge, CT
January 5, 2016

We stripped all of the existing siding as it was rotted, then covered the house in Tyvek house wrap. We then installed Certainteed Nautuck colored Monogram siding.

Kevin C.
Stratford,, CT
December 10, 2015

We installed a new, energy efficient, Interstate 6000 series slider door with adobe trim to match regulation.

Ramm A.
Stamford, CT
December 7, 2015

We threw out the old insulation and vacuumed out the attic to insure that the walls were clean for the spray foam to get blown in. We then sprayed 3 inch foam between the rafters.

George M.
Fairfield, CT
December 7, 2015

We installed okna series AW750 awnings, and wrapped the windows with trim that matched the original.

Jon D.
Southbury, CT
December 3, 2015

We replaced the trim when we installed the window, then we added aluminum capping on the outside of the window.

Gordon D.
Gaylordsville, CT
November 30, 2015

We sprayed 3 inch R-21 Spray foam between all rafters and studs.

Dom C.
Shelton, CT
November 18, 2015

We stripped the old shingles, then we replaced the bad plywood sections on the rood. We installed resawn shake colored Certainteed roof shingles. We replaced the old skylight with a new, Velux fixed skylight.

Laura A.
Newtown, CT
November 5, 2015

We removed the old insulation, disposed of it, then vacuumed out the area to make sure it was clean. We then sprayed 5 inch spray foam in place of the old insulation.

Lee B.
Sandy Hook, CT
October 30, 2015

We provided Okna 500 series with a standard grid pattern and solid white color.

Tom L.
Newtown, CT
October 29, 2015

We installed an OKna 500 series deluxe window with contoured grids to match the old one, and a casement twin deluxe unit to replace the old casement window

Susan G.
North Grandby, CT
October 22, 2015

We used a plastic wrap to cover the dirt ground before we sprayed, and we covered the walls with Tyvek house wrap.

Elin H.
Sandy Hook, CT
September 16, 2015

We replaced the existing wood frame, installed an Okna 500 series deluxe window, and covered the interior and exterior with new trim.

Vinny B.
Bethel, CT
June 29, 2015

We provided a dumpster a the property so we could quickly clean up the job site after demolishing the previous deck. We then installed rosewood colored fiberon horizontal decking.

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