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Telescoping Flagpoles Installation Service by Superior Remodelers in Newtown, CT

If you are looking for a top-quality telescoping flagpole kit which you can use to display your loyalty to your country, state, school, or company, look no further. Superior Remodelers offers a range of telescoping flagpoles that will allow you to proudly fly your colors.

Our telescoping flagpole kits are expandable. From their original folded length of about five feet, they can be elongated to their full length without difficulty, while at the same time providing a matching locking mechanism that helps the telescoping segments stay in place. This makes it easy for you to raise and lower your flags without having to hoist them using a rope and pulley system.

The clips that hold the flag on the flagpole are also mounted on rotating rings, preventing the flag from getting tangled or caught around the pole when the wind changes directions.

Telescoping flagpoles for a wide variety of applications

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Details of a telescoping flagpole

Superior Remodelers carries telescoping flagpoles from the United States Flag Store, one of the largest vendors of flags, flagpoles, and patriotic accessories in America. These telescoping flagpoles can be used in various applications, whether it’s functional or merely ornamental. You can set up the pole to display an American flag, to advertise the opening of your business, to fly sale signs that attract customers, to mount your university’s flag during a football match, or to put up banners during a festival — the possibilities are endless.

Please call Superior Remodelers today at 888-330-8148 to find out more about our flagpole selections. You may also send us a message through our contact page or drop by our showroom so you can personally see our inventory of items.