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Commercial roof snow removal is necessary to avoid water damage, especially in hotel buildings with occupants.

Commercial Snow Removal in Newtown, Connecticut

Removal of an ice dam on a commercial building roof top.

Your commercial building's roof can quickly collapse or become damaged if heavy snow or ice sticks to the roof. Depending on the amount and size of ice involved, one cubic foot of snow weighs approximately between 10-60 pounds. If two feet of snow or more is piling up on the roof of your commercial building, snow removal is absolutely necessary to avoid the roof collapsing or becoming damaged beyond repair.

If the snow is not removed as quickly as possible, it can lead to further water damage once it starts melting. The melted snow can find its way to your roof's structure and water can begin spilling through. This may cause extensive damage to your insulation, gutters, ceilings, or even the interior structure of your business.

Commercial roof snow removal can be a difficult and time-consuming task, but our technicians know exactly what to do when this problem occurs. To have snow removed off of your roof quickly and efficiently in order to prevent further damage to your building, call Superior Remodelers experts today. We will get to your building right away and begin removing the snow promptly.

Commercial Ice Dam Prevention

Ice can cause further problems when a block of ice has water building up behind it, creating an ice dam. Commercial buildings with gutters usually experience ice dams after these areas form blockages in their systems, just like residential homes.

If ice dams frequently develop on the edges of your building’s rooftop, there's a good possibility that you are spending too much money on heat in your building. Not only are your heating expenses too high, but the snow formed on rooftop edges is also the first to melt and create ice dams as the hot air in your building exits through the attic.

Proper insulation could help solve your building’s ice dam problems. Insulation will help prevent heat loss and ice dams from forming on your building. If you need new insulation in your building to prevent future ice dam build up, call the experts at Superior Remodelers today. We know exactly what to do and how to handle each procedure in keeping your building safe from ice dams and further water damage. You can reach us 24/7 at 888-330-8148 or for general inquiries, leave us a message at our contact us page.

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A commercial building roof covered in thick snow.
A commercial after professionals removed snow from the rooftop.



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