Interior of a Finnish sauna with seats and heating machine

Sauna Kits Installation Service by Superior Remodelers in Newtown, CT

Originally invented by the ancient Nordic cultures of Europe, saunas are now enjoyed by people all over the world. The 2000-year-old Finnish sauna tradition, with its warm lighting, stove heaters, and hot rooms with wooden interior trims, is today seen by many people as something that is truly essential to their health and well-being.

For people in perfect health condition, using the sauna can be a rejuvenating experience. The high heat that the sauna rooms generate makes the bathers perspire, which is believed by many to stimulate relaxation, relieve stress, and promote peace of mind.

A typical Finnish sauna has low humidity levels as opposed to the high-humidity conditions in steam rooms. Because the moisture is kept at a low level, the bathers can enjoy a room even if its temperature exceeds water’s boiling point of 212 °F (100 °C).

Premium sauna room kits and accessories for your Newtown, CT residence

At Superior Remodelers, we are committed to bringing you products that not only make your home beautiful but also turn it into a veritable sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Our sauna products from Finlandia will allow you to carry on the Nordic sauna tradition, which was brought to the United States by early Finnish and Swedish settlers. Finlandia is one of the oldest manufacturers of sauna products in America, with a history of producing sauna room components and accessories since 1964. The products include: 

  • Modular, pre-cut sauna rooms
  • Sauna heaters
  • Sauna doors
  • Sauna accessories and supplies

Our prefab sauna rooms can be built to your size specifications. They can be easily built and moved, thanks to an exclusive locking system that allows for easy installation. Our sauna heaters are also imported directly from Finland, allowing you to enjoy an authentic Finnish sauna experience like no other.

Please call us now at 888-330-8148 or send us a message to learn more about our sauna products. Our showroom in Newtown, Connecticut, is also open to all visitors.

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Interior of a Finnish sauna with heater imported from Finland