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Homeowners, from the past up till the present, have always placed comfort in their "must-have" lists whenever they are searching for, or building, a home. This structure, after all, is the place most people run to whenever they need a little time for themselves or spend the day with their families. Of course, achieving this high quality lifestyle has become increasingly difficult through the years. Because of the rising prices of most commodities, sometimes households will need to compromise their daily usage of certain resources, such as electricity. With the help of Superior Remodelers’ professional services, systems, and crew members, homes situated in the surrounding areas of Hartford, Connecticut, can experience a better indoor living environment, without having to worry about the costs.

Here, at Superior Remodelers, we understand that every property owner wishes to raise the efficiency level of their homes, to be able to live and do their daily tasks better. Choosing from our list of services, which include: spray foam insulation, windows installation, railing systems, and sauna kits, you can conduct your spaces to befit your lifestyle and budget. Interested in hiring our services? Give us a call at: 888-330-8148 or visit our contact page to know more about our offers.

The City of Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford City Capitol

Also known as the “Insurance Capital of the World,” the city of Hartford is the capital of the state of Connecticut and is made home to 124,893 people and counting. Much of this city’s landmarks and establishments are some of the nation’s oldest like the Wadsworth Atheneum, the Bushnell Park, and the Hartford Courant.

Adrien Block, a Dutch explorer, was one of the first Europeans to have explored this part of the United States. He, along with fur traders coming from New Amsterdam, returned in 1623, and had a mission to establish a trading post and fortify the area for the Dutch West India Company. The name of their fort was called Fort Hoop, and in 633, Jacob Van Curler bought the fort from the Pequot chief for a small fee. By 1654, however, the fort was abandoned and instead, was stationed by soldiers.

Several years after its colonial era and numerous events later, the city of Hartford has transformed itself to a place filled with architectural marvels and establishments. Some point of interests include: the Cathedral of St. Joseph, Cheney Building, Connecticut Science Center, and the Connecticut Governor’s Mansion.