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Basement Windows Installation in Newtown, Connecticut

Installing basement windows in your home in Newtown, Connecticut, is a great way to dramatically increase the habitability of your basement. While it might be okay not to have basement windows in spaces that will only be used as a storage or as a utility space for the keeping of equipment like boilers, water heaters, electrical systems, and HVAC components, a basement that is intended to serve as a living room or a bedroom is required by law to have windows.

At Superior Remodelers, we carry a variety of basement window systems in order to meet the individual needs of our customers. You may drop by our showroom in Newtown, Connecticut, so you can check out our inventory of products.

Ideal characteristics of a quality basement windows system

The most important purpose that a basement window serves is that of being a quick exit in case of an emergency. Egress basement windows are large and accessible, allowing building inhabitants to quickly climb out in the event of a fire or other dangerous situations.

Basement windows can also make an otherwise dark and chilly basement more appealing by allowing sunlight and air to come indoors. Nevertheless, basement windows should also be strong enough to fend off burglars and other intruders. And for homeowners living in areas that experience cold climate and inclement weather conditions, basement windows should also be insulated from the cold and be impervious to water intrusion.

Premier basement window systems

As a leading supplier of basement window systems, Superior Remodelers offers top-of-the-line products created by leading manufacturers like Boman Kemp.

Headquartered in Ogden, Utah, Boman Kemp produces high-quality basement window systems that bring natural light and ventilation into your basement while complying with all egress and emergency codes. Their products truly are a premiere solution for bringing your basement to a whole new level of habitability, functionality, and aesthetic quality.

Please call us today at 888-330-8148 to learn more. Our service area includes Connecticut, northern New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

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