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Brief Description-

Tando represents the creation of something new and completely different from what the building products industry has come to know as exterior cladding. It is the culmination of the best of what two great brands - Novik and Exteria - have built their business and their reputation on. Tando is an all-star product portfolio designed to address the evolving needs of the professional installer, remodeler and home builder.

Product Information

Beach House Shake

Stacked Stone - Tando Stacked Stone is a dry stack profile without grout lines between stones. The classic elegance and intricate detail of small stones give this stone the appearance of a precision hand-laid dry-stack set.

Creek Ledgestone - Tando Creek Ledgestone features various sized stones with grout lines in-between. The rugged look of hand-picked stone installed with grout shows the natural variation of each stone.

Beach House Shake - Tradition without compromise. We crafted Beach House Shake for homeowners who value the look of natural cedar and demand that it stays looking like the day it was installed, without any upkeep. The end result can be summed up in two words: beautiful freedom.

Cape Cod Perfection - Tando Cape Cod Perfection shingle with a 5" exposure, cedar texture and clean lines will create a unique accent to any home. It’s the perfect low-maintenance replacement to painted cedar.

RoughSawn Cedar Single - Tando RoughSawn Cedar Single features random mill saw marks and a long, subtle grain for a clean, classic look with 6 ½-inch exposure. The Single course, 90” long profile minimizes waste during installation—especially around dormers and peaks.

RoughSawn Cedar Dual - Tando Rough Sawn Cedar Dual features random mill saw marks and a long, subtle grain for a clean, classic look with 6 ½-inch exposure. The Dual course profile allows greater coverage and quick installation in larger area side wall installations.

Rustic Cedar 6 - Tando Rustic Cedar 6 features a 6.5" exposure and is available exclusively in our Signature Stain Color Series, resulting in a real wood stained shake, without the upkeep.

Rustic Cedar 9 - Homeowners love Rustic Cedar for its 9-inch exposure and rich deep textures which complement a wide range of other siding materials including: fiber cement, vinyl, stucco, stone veneer and real stone.

Hand Split Shake - Tando Hand Split Shake captures the rugged and rough look of hand-cut cedar with random grooves and a 8.5" - 9.25" exposure, making this one of our most popular shakes.