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Waska Cedar Wood Siding

Brief Description-

Most popular Siding in our are Waska has been a major Eastern White Cedar Shingle manufacturer since 1969 and since then, has grown to include aspen or Cedar Laths, Cedar Mulch, Sawdust, and Shims, bleached and color coated shingles. To better server you, Waska Victorian Series Cedar Shingles come in 9 exquisite patterns, with array of colors available as extensive as your imagination. All Waska Victorian Series Cedar shingles can be factory finished in one of our 3 coating options: Bleaching Oil, Weathering StainMD or MachinecoatMD. So we know at Waska that we have what you’re looking for in Cedar products.

Product Information

White Cedar Shingles
Waska Factory Coated
The Waska Victorian Series

White Cedar shingles - Waska offers all grades of Cedar shingles for your building needs. RR small Cedar shingles edges are squared to eliminate on-site shaving for time-saving installation. They are also rebutted to ensure a perfect finish for exceptional natural beauty and quality.

Waska Factory Coated, Weathering StainTM/Bleached & Semitransparent Stain- Waska Cedar Shingles and Olympic Paint and Stains; together to offer you these beautiful new products. Our RR small shingles are resquared and ebutted. Their edges are squared to eliminate on-site shaving for timesaving installation. Our shingles are then rebutted to ensure a perfect finish for exceptional beauty and quality. To further enhance the appearance of your Waska cedar shingles, we now offer (3) coating options. Waska's weathering stained shingles have been specifically formulated to give our shingles a uniform, naturally eathered, silver-grey finish more rapidly and uniformly than nature. With our hinecoatTM factory coated shingles, we offer five traditional colours, which are Monterey Gray, Linen White, Safari Beige, Cape Cod Gray and Patriot Gray. An array of many popular colours is also available on special orders. Waska also offers to apply a coat of semi-transparent stain. This will give your shingle a rich finish allowing much of the wood's grain and texture to show through.

The Waska Victorian Series cedar shingles are manufactured with pride from our premium product. We exclusively use Extra / Grade A, RR small K. D. (Kiln Dried) flawless Eastern White Cedar shingles. The array of colors available is as extensive as your imagination - limitless! Each piece measures 5" wide and 16" long.