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Advantages of Using Versatile Lifting

When storing your items in the attic, garage, or the basement, there is a possibility that the space will eventually get the best of you. Your attic, garage, and basement may have looked spacious once, but after years of buying new and storing old items, the vastness of the space becomes smaller and smaller. You all have your own reasons why you have your items in these spaces, but all of you face a similar problem – how to organize these spaces?

The common problems you face when it comes to these spaces are with item organization and accessibility. Through the years, you have built a pile of mixed stuff lying around the floors of your basement, attic, and garage; which is a normal sight to see in homes. However, you are also very familiar with the tight spaces, dust buildup, and vermin infestation that come with this clutter, and encountered the difficulties of getting things in and out of these spaces.

When homeowners decide to establish order in these spaces, there are many options made available to them. The most popular choices include these following installations:

  • Ceiling Storage Racks
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Shelves and Cupboards
  • Nailing Bike Mounts on the Wall


Though there are numerous storage devices, tricks, and components that are made available for all types of homes, there are still people who find it difficult to store their stuff. The elderly persons with disabilities, and homeowners with larger items, need something more than a few simple installations.


Versa Lift Attic Lift System

Here at Superior Remodelers, we give you the Versa Lift! The Versa lift system is a machine that makes storing your items easier, faster, and safer because you don’t have to physically carry all your heavy items up and down your home. When you need to rearrange the space or transfer your items to and from the basement and attic, it can get very tedious. For our elderly friends and persons with disabilities, it is even more difficult to get their stuff from one place to another. With Versa Lift, however, you no longer need to do the excessive legwork.

As for safety, you no longer need to worry about climbing up ladders that can lead you to potential injuries with one small misstep. The system will carry all your items with exceptional speed, making your organizing and rearranging projects faster and safer all the time.

With just a push of a button, you will see your spaces transform from a forest of clutter to a spacious floor, and realize that organizing these areas can always be this easy.

Want to purchase our Versa Lift system? Then call Superior Remodelers at: 888-330-8148, or visit our contact page TODAY! We know how to deal with clutter and envision the true potential of any given space. With our products and services that include: storage solutions (garage and attic), siding installation, and gutter guards, we can turn your home into a place of efficiency and comfort. We service the city and surrounding areas of Newtown, Connecticut.