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Can Mice Eat Through Spray Foam Insulation?

Insulation material made of spray foam, fiberglass or anything else is used to effectively seal small cracks and holes in the cavities of our house’s walls, ceilings, basements, and even attics. Spray foam has a high rate of success keeping hot air from flowing freely into small openings or crevices.

However, other than being used as an insulating material, spray foam by Superior Remodelers is also used as a way to block out small animals or insects from entering homes, including mice and rodents. It's an effective method, but occasionally, rodents can eat through spray foam insulation, weakening it in spots. But when ingested, spray foam in wet or dry form is known to be hazardous or toxic, and any mouse that eats it might not possibly see another meal.

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How Spray Foam Insulation Holds Up to Animals or Pests

Spray foam insulation material is known to be a health hazard when ingested. If animals were able to ingest the liquid form of the spray foam material, the product can expand and harden inside their bodies, which would be dangerous. This is why it is required that you and your pets should not be within the vicinity when the product is being applied. If the product is ingested when it is already in its hardened state, the isocyanate chemical’s characteristic of being toxic will cause sickness to the one that ingested the product.

A home or space should be thoroughly cleaned after the application process to avoid children and pets from finding foam material or chewing it. We can safely say that it wouldn't benefit mice at all to eat through spray foam, even though they're surely able to do so.

Spray foam material by Superior Remodelers is proven to withstand heat and moisture, it not so much the physical pressure to rip it apart. Animals, most especially mice, are known to use their sharp claws to easily rip apart any type of foam material. Always add a layer of reinforcement to your spray foam insulation material to keep it protected from rodents or other animals such as racoons or possums.

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