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Can Mold Grow On Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is one of the most effective types of insulation materials. But with the benefits it brings to homes, owners have their concerns, too. Many types of insulation material can breed mold or mildew, and customers wonder if the same is true for spray foam insulation that's professionally installed by Superior Remodelers. Mold and mildew formation in other forms of insulation material, a scenario that worries many homeowners.


How Spray Foam Insulation Holds Up to Mold & Mildew

In rainy or wet environments, many common insulations materials can't block moisture or serve as a suitable waterproofing barrier. So what's the answer? Spray foam insulation is one of the best solutions to this concern.

Spray polyurethane foam insulation is known to be an effective insulation material while having a composition that prevents absorption and entry of water or moisture. Some facts about spray foam insulation's resistance to mold or mildew contamination include:

  • Spray foam is chemical based. Isocyanate is known to be toxic if inhaled or ingested.
  • Spray foam expands and hardens after being applied to wall cavities, sealing the tiniest cracks or spaces.
  • It prevents hot air from pushing out cooler air. It ensures more efficient HVAC cooling and heating in cold seasons.
  • The cell composition of spray foam prevents water or moisture penetration or absorption. Molds are not able to form. It's non-biodegradable, so it's not a food source for mold. Spores cannot form on spray foam.

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Superior Remodelers was founded as the result of many years of experience in the window, door, and siding business. Our crews have countless years of experience doing both small and large residential home improvements, as well as commercial projects. Protect your home with Foam-LOK™ brand Spray Foam System by Lapolla with our expert customer service and best results. We provide basement insulation, new construction insulation, under-floor insulation, and many more services! Contact us online or call 888-330-8148 for more information and to arrange a consultation.