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sauna health benefits

How Saunas Can Improve Your Wellness and Health

Even if saunas and steam rooms are common facilities used in spas and gyms, you can easily have one installed in your home. Having a sauna or steam room just a few feet away from your bathtub is not only convenient, but it also adds value to your property. However, these rooms aren’t only used to beautify your home. Sitting in a steam room or sauna for 10-15 minutes is scientifically proven to improve your health.

Here are four benefits you can get for having a steam room or sauna in your property:

1. Relieves Stress

When there’s a steam room or sauna waiting for you at home, de-stressing after a long day feels so much better. Both the steam room and sauna provide you with a space that envelops you with warmth and silence, creating an environment free from the distractions of the outside world. Being able to lower your stress levels regularly also prevents you from developing health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and gastrointestinal problems.


2. Cleanses Your Skin

Steam rooms and saunas produce a lot of heat, so it’s unsurprising that you’ll start sweating after being in the room for only a few minutes. Sweating is a good thing because it cleanses your skin by removing toxins, dirt, and bacteria that are in the sweat ducts and the epidermal layer of your skin. Detoxifying also reduces the effects of fatigue, recurrent sickness, as well as joint and muscle pain. Plus, it makes your skin feel soft and smooth.

3. Burn Calories

Sitting in a sauna or steam room also helps burn calories. Due to the increased perspiration of the body, you lose about .586 calories for each gram of sweat. However, using the sauna or a steam room as your only weight loss tool isn’t a good idea. If you want to lose weight properly, you still have to exercise regularly and eat the right foods. The sauna and steam room are only supplementary to your weight loss routine.

4. Improves Blood Circulation

As the temperature rises inside the sauna or steam room, your heart rate starts beating fast. Increasing your heart beat improves your cardiac output, which also conditions your body’s regulatory system. In fact, pairing your sauna or steam room sessions with a separate cool shower can increase your heart rate by as much as 60%.

5. The Difference between Saunas and Steam Rooms

Although steam rooms and saunas are quite similar, their atmospheres, features, and temperatures differ.

Saunas are typically hotter than steam rooms and are heated between 160°F and 200°F. Since these rooms use dry heat, the humidity inside them is often low. To generate heat in traditional saunas, water is poured over heated rocks. Modern saunas, on the other hand, are heated using infrared light – making them drier than traditional saunas.

Steam rooms are constructed from tile or any other material that isn’t affected by high humidity. They’re heated approximately at 114°F to 120°F and retain 100% humidity because they’re built without any vents. It’s possible for steam rooms to feel hotter than saunas (even though their temperatures are lower), so you’ll start sweating a great deal.

Saunas and steam rooms are great home improvement additions that benefit your health. However, depending on your current health condition, one might be better than the other. If you need help in choosing between a sauna and steam room, contact Superior Remodelers for help.

We provide sauna products manufactured from Finlandia Sauna Products Inc. and have the equipment and manpower to install them with ease. Just give us a call at 888-330-8148 for free estimates. Our services are available to properties in Newtown, Connecticut.