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Icicles From Gutter

How to Remove Ice Dams from Your Roof

The season of winter signals the arrival of very low temperatures and snow. During this season, you prepare yourself by bringing out your thickest clothing, jackets, and accessories to keep you warm inside or outside of your home. However, one should remember that it is also during this season that your home becomes very vulnerable. The temperatures are capable of going below zero and if your home is not prepared, experiencing property damage caused by freezing, hail, and snow increases significantly. Superior Remodelers has the solution.

When it comes to defending your home from these types of situations, you do your very best to keep the temperature in your home warm and fortify the structures within your area. However, some damages or situations cannot be averted through home installments alone. Sometimes, a little bit of elbow grease is needed to keep your house standing after winter has passed. Superior Remodelers is here to help!

We Can Safely Remove Ice Dams From Your Roof

Ice dams on your roof is an issue that becomes a particular challenge. When snow or accumulated moisture is present on your roof and is melted by the heat escaping from your house, the melted liquid finds its way to the edge of your roof and freezes over again. This creates ice dams, or those frozen stalactite-like formations, on the top of your homes.

Though these frozen structures do have the ability to transform the exterior of your home into a winter wonderland, ice dams become even more dangerous if they are not properly removed.

Some of this damage may include:

  • Rotting of roof decks, rafters, and the interior and exterior wall framing and sheathing of your home
  • Mold growth
  • Respiratory illnesses caused by mold
  • Icicles, which can injure your home’s gutters and sides, and may possibly injure or kill someone
  • Reduce the effectiveness of your home’s insulation


The following tasks are ones that we at Superior Remodelers can handle effectively for you:

1. Remove/ Melt the Ice

There are a few key methods through which we can remove or melt the ice dam from your roof.

2. Hand-held tools

Superior Remodelers is your professional team to help with the expertise needed to chip the surface of the ice dams to shatter them to pieces. The tools we use really do have the upper hand when it comes to speed, but are sometimes quite dangerous to use, so please leave this process to the professionals at Superior Remodelers. If you do not have a steady hand, you will destroy your roof and can get yourself, or someone else, injured during the process.

If you live in the area, or surrounding areas, of Newtown, Connecticut, and are in need of professional aid, call: 888-330-8148 today and we, at Superior Remodelers, will take your call. At Superior Remodelers, we know the best methods, systems, and equipment to enhance your home to better protect itself and your family. Our services include:

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