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Job completed for Sheryl G

Completion date: July 27, 2017

Location: Branford, CT

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had old aluminum siding in poor condition that she wanted replaced. She also wanted the front overhang taken out, and new trim to be put in it's place. She also wanted a storm door to be added, along with new screened gutters along the house. She also wanted a door to be removed on the side of the house, so that an octagon window could be put in its place.

What challenges did we face?

We had to safely remove and dispose of the aluminum siding, tear down the front overhang, and take down the gutters, while also being attentive to her gardening along the side of the house.

Solutions provided:

We removed the old siding and trim off of the house, and installed new "Mastic Carved-wood" 44" Russet Red siding. We Demoed the front overhang and put new trim, along with a storm door, at the front entrance. The side door was taken out and properly sided, and we added the octagon window in its place. Lastly, we put new screened gutters in after the old ones were removed.

Photos & Videos: