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Sauna interior

Sauna Care and Maintenance

Taking care of a sauna isn’t quite the same as taking care of a hot tub or a swimming pool. Maintaining a sauna is much easier, because all you really need to do is to keep it clean and dry, as opposed to changing the water or adding chlorine. And with our helpful tips, we can make sure that your sauna is going to look great and operate at maximum efficiency.

1. Wash your Feet

To make cleanup as easy as possible, place a basin of water near the entrance, or make sure that you rinse your feet well before going through your sauna routine, as your feet can bring in unwanted dirt and debris. This also ensures less pressure is exerted on the floors and duckboards, enabling them to serve you for longer.

2. Wrap it Up

Although sweating is part of the sauna experience, when sweat meets your benches, floors and even your duckboards, it can cause staining and the wood can become discolored from the buildup of sweat and various body oils. An effective way to solve this problem is by placing towels over the benches and backrests, and installing rugs over the duckboards and the floor. It also helps your floor to become slip-proof and safer overall, especially during the cold months.

3. Maintain the Wooden Fixtures

With continuous use, the appearance of the exposed wood will gradually lose its shine; but applying the usual types of sealants or protectants is a bad idea. Instead, get some sandpaper or an orbital sander and gently bring back the wooden surface to its “newly-purchased” appearance and smoothness. Sanding also makes great work of the strange texture that happens when softwoods come into direct contact with water and sweat.


4. Check the Doors and Vents

Check for any marks of wear on the door and jam, loose hinge screws and check if the doors open and close without any problems. Make sure to check any door stops to make sure that they aren’t preventing the door to fully close, and check between the spaces of the sauna door as well as the door stops. The vents may need adjusting, so make sure not to neglect that. The vents are normally made of wood as well, and may need changing with continued use. Check for any edges that may need sanding and will minimize any drag that may occur.

5. Sauna Heater, Rocks

While an electric-type sauna heater is low-maintenance, they should be thoroughly rinsed as to remove any stray particles before replacing them the heating elements. Take care not to pack the rocks too tightly—loose rocks allow more air to flow through the heater. The sauna rocks, however, may break down from exposure to extreme temperature changes. When it’s time to replace the sauna rocks, peridotite and olivine are recommended choices. If the electric heater stops working, let the heater cool down before resetting the machine.

For a wood-burning sauna stove, they need more care and maintenance. The safe clearance requirements around the heater should be followed and the combustible surfaces should be properly protected. These ashes should be placed in a bucket, to be properly disposed. Take care of these wood-heated saunas, and they’re sure to take care of you for many years to come.

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