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Under Floor Insulation Services in Newtown, CT

Having good underfloor insulation can make a significant difference to the comfort levels of your home, and to the size of your energy bills. When you have a home with an accessible underfloor space, insulation is critical to ensure that your home stays cool during the summer, and warm during the winter. Before you have a professional install some insulation for you, however, there are some things you should look out for, especially if you have access to the area under your floor.

Checking Phase

If you have access to your underfloor area, here are the things you need to look out for:

Bare floorboards, no insulation: get some installed immediately.

Foil-based product: if you find a foil that's been held together using metal staples, don't touch it. There's a serious electrocution risk, especially if the staples have already pierced electrical wires. When this happens, the entire thing might be live, so make sure you get an electrician to check it out before doing anything.

If the foil appears to be very well-fitted, and it has no tears, then it's most likely working perfectly fine. Be aware and check for any gaps that allow air into the space above the foil, and plan accordingly. Depending on the severity of damage, you may need to remove and replace it with some modern bulk insulation.

Bulk Insulation: foil was once the standard for underfloor insulation, but with the rise of technology, there are much better options nowadays. From rigid polystyrene sheets to things such as polyester, wool, and even fiberglass. When you can check to see if all of the bulk insulation is tightly fitted against the underside of your floorboards, and make sure that there are no gaps or pieces missing. If there are, replace them immediately, and have some clips handy to keep the pieces from moving around.

Check for Dampness

While you're exploring the under floor areas, be sure to check if there's any excess moisture in the ground. If the soil isn't dry and dusty, and you can smell musty or damp smells under the floor or even inside the house, then chances are, the moisture is the problem. If your basement is enclosed, ensure that it's ventilated through the gaps or vents in the perimeter walls. Check for vents that may have become blocked by soil, plants, paint, or other barriers and unblock them immediately.

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When you work with Superior Remodelers, you will be able to give your properties the insulating upgrade they need at a reasonable price. Utilizing our special spray foam system, we can target the cause of your insulation problems quickly and properly. If you're within the areas of Northern New Jersey, New York City, Long Island and Eastern Up-State New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, or in the surrounding area, make sure to call us at 888-330-8148 or visit our contact site for more details. We also have other services for you, which includes: