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Maximizing Your Garage Space

Tips on Maximizing Your Garage Space

There are numerous places in the home which can be converted into storage places. There’s the attic, the basement, and spare rooms, but the garage might be the best place in which to store items that do not fit through the front door. With the garage’s easy access and size, it is no surprise that within a few short weeks, the room will be filled to the ceiling; making it impossible to get items in or out.

If you decide to use your garage as an additional storage space, there are tips you can follow to optimize the space of your garage.

1. Sell Sell Sell!

Hosting garage sales helps you get rid of items that you no longer use or need. Remember that toaster that you said was really nice to use in the kitchen? Well, it’s stored in one of those boxes and is in dire need to be used. Selling your items will help you gain some extra income and at the same time help your community.

2. Wall Functionality

The expanse of walls in a garage is a good place to store items. Placing hooks on the walls to hang your bikes and garden tools or installing shelves and cupboards adds space and makes the garage look bigger. By putting up items on the walls, the floors are free from clutter; this creates a better fit for your vehicles.

3. Above Head Spaces

The ceiling has as much space as the garage floor. Putting up ceiling racks and rafters doubles the amount of space in the room. This area is good for storing boxes, luggage, and items that are rarely being used.

4. Installing Cabinets

Cabinets are versatile storage devices. They come in different shapes and sizes, and if installed correctly, can be stackable, as well. The versatile function of cabinets, drawers, and other items like this, will leave your garage with ample amount of space and prevent it from getting cluttered.

Here at Superior Remodelers, we can help you build the storage space you need; be it in the attic or the garage. We remodel your space and bring out its maximum storage space capabilities. If you live in the area of Newtown, Connecticut and find it difficult to look for more storage space, call us at: 888-330-8148 and we will show you the simplicity of creating storage space. You may also visit our contact page for more information.