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Vinyl vs. Wood Replacement Windows - Which Should You Choose?

Windows are quintessential features of a home. With diligence and care, windows can last a lifetime. However, there will be times that shopping for replacements will become necessary. There are actually only two choices when buying windows: vinyl and wood.

Since each type has its mix of advantages and disadvantages, you can focus on the following criteria when deciding which one is right for Energy Efficiency.

Vinyl and wood are neck and neck on this area since both offer great insulation. Both window types have excellent U-value ratings. U-value measures how each window is able to resist heat flow; and the lower U-value rating a window has, the better it is in providing insulation for the home. Wood and vinyl keep the heat out during summer and lock in warmth during winter, thereby making your HVAC save energy by working less to cool and to heat the house.

One advantage that vinyl windows might have is that their frames are often hollow, allowing homeowners or installers to add more insulation material.


Both window types can last a long time with proper care. It is actually on the amount of care where vinyl distinguishes itself from wood. Vinyl windows do not need to be painted. Some manufacturers also treat them with double sun protection coating which protect them from wear and tear due to prolonged exposure to the sun. They also do not need regular cleaning.

Wood replacement windows do require painting in order to protect them from wear. They also need periodic maintenance to maintain their looks. On the plus side, wood is more pleasing to look at than vinyl. Properly maintained wood windows add class to the architecture of a home and tack additional value to the real estate price.


Vinyl replacement windows are usually cheaper by about 25% to 45% when compared to wooden ones. The midrange price for a vinyl window and its installation is $400 while the cost of a wooden replacement window and its installation will set you around $700. Costs can rise considerably for wood when one considers its maintenance needs. However, wood offers value in terms of its beauty and its low impact to the environment.

Each type of replacement window has something solid to offer any discerning homeowner. When it’s time to replace your windows, there is only one choice if you need help installing them in the Newtown, Connecticut area and that’s Superior Remodelers. We’re a small family-owned business which focuses on innovation while keeping a personal touch and commitment to details. You can count on us to provide you with results so good, they’ll show in your windows. Contact us today or you can call Superior Remodelers at 888-330-8148 for more information!