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Famous Doors to Inspire Your Home Renovation

When you are trying to find inspiration for your home renovation, many of the best ideas are borrowed from popular places. For entry doors, you can get a lot of ideas from famous doors found in movies, homes of celebrities, and in television shows.

Here are some examples of famous doors you can either copy or draw inspiration from for your own entry door:

  • Notting Hill – Remember that iconic blue door that stood out in the middle of a row of apartments in Hugh Grant’s neighborhood? That blue door got a lot of screen time with the movie actors going in and out of it regularly. This turned it into a mini-tourist attraction for a while until the actual apartment owners repainted the door in another color to confuse and limit tourists and movie buffs. You can emulate that idea to create an eye-catching door of your own.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Another famous movie door appeared in this well-known film starring Audrey Hepburn. The dark green arched doors gave her home a grand look. If you want the same look for your home, you can copy the design of the doors and the surrounding elements.
  • Sex and the City – The door to Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment may not look as grand or as stunning as some others seen in TV shows, but its retro look caught your attention. Those brown double doors with the arched doorway, glass top, and intricate pillars on the side are part of a building that has been around since 1845.
  • Nightmare on Elm Street – If you are not easily scared, the door from this movie with Freddie Kruger would turn some heads. The red door in the middle of a white house with a mint green roof is very eye-catching.

These are just a few examples of iconic doors that can help you find the perfect entry door for your home. All you need for inspiration is to look around until you find a door that you fall in love with and want to have in your home.

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