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Home Deck Essentials For a Fantastic Time

Before winter’s bite fully hits, there’s nothing like a fond farewell to summer and fall than by having a party, complete with al fresco dining to enjoy the cool evening air. Here are our tips for some home deck essentials that promise for a fantastic evening:

1. Keep the bugs away

There’s nothing like having a party and experiencing some insect crashers forcing you to take your party and your dinner inside. Try to find a patio lantern that can effectively repel bugs. No use having a party if you and your guests aren’t enjoying it!

2. Get some great food

Food’s not only a party essential, but an everyday need. Make it special by busting out that grill one last time and grilling your food outside, before the winter wind makes it too difficult. Or if it’s too nippy for a flame grill, there’s always a gas grill, or if it’s truly impossible, try oven-baking and arranging it on beautiful plates and eating with the sunset as your backdrop with some cool drinks to wash it down.

3. Light it up good

Much of deck entertaining happens at night, so lighting is essential to set the mood. If you’re the type who wants to save on energy, try using lighting that utilizes solar power to light up your deck at night. Find lights that charge with sunlight and are long-lasting so you don’t have to pull the plug early on your party.

4. Maintain that deck

Of course, there’s not much of a party going on if your deck isn’t clean. Guests are more inclined to be impressed if you have a freshly cleaned and stained deck. Aside from your guests, maintaining your deck by sealing and staining it properly can prolong its life and you’ll avoid costly fees for replacement or repairs.

5. Fix up your Furniture

Partying isn’t so comfortable when your guests aren’t. The recurring issue with outdoor furniture is the weather resistance. Get a plush sofa or a nice loveseat, or you can even fit a bench with thick pillows. Don’t forget to cover or put away the patio furniture in the biting winter! Look for durable, weather-resistant yet comfortable deck chairs that look spectacular and charming. When your guests are feeling and looking their best, everyone can concentrate on having a good time.

6. Enjoy great music

Great entertaining is always possible, with fantastic music. Get some wireless speakers that are compatible with any smartphone, for easy access for all your party tunes.

7. Don’t forget decorations!

Nothing says great entertaining like a beautifully decorated deck. Whether you fit your deck with umbrellas for extra protection from the sunlight, or complete your table’s centerpiece with freshly-cut flowers, make sure that it complements your tablecloths or dishes. If you don’t want your centerpiece to match, choose bold colors that are sure to make a statement. If your deck has limited space, consider getting some flower boxes so that the flowers don’t have to take up space on the table.

With these deck essentials all ready, all that’s left is to grab your friends and family and have a good time. And if you need any help setting up your fantastic deck, Superior Remodelers would be glad to help out. We aim for quality work at a reasonable price. If you happen to live in the surrounding areas of Northern New Jersey, New York City, Long Island and Eastern Up-State NY, Connecticut, Rhode Island or Massachusetts, and are in need of professional installments forwindows, sidings, roofing, gutter guards, and other home improvement items, contact Superior Remodelers by dialing: 888-330-8148 or visiting our contact page. We treat each project in the most professional way possible, because we believe that our customers deserve the very best we have to offer. We won't let you settle for anything less than 100%.