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Important Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Home


Remodeling your home is a big decision since there is a considerable time and financial investment involved. Depending on the scale, a remodeling project can cost up to 8 percent of the total value of your house. Home owners often take out an equity loan just to pursue renovations on their property.

Remodeling should not be taken lightly. Here are important things to consider before you remodel your house.

1. Remodeling for Long-term Stay or Upgrading for Better Resale Value?

Certain aspects of the remodeling will depend on the primary reason for the project. If you like your neighborhood and want to stay in your home for the long run, renovation plans should prioritize on your needs and the needs of your family members. You might want to create more space or upgrade certain amenities in your home in order to foster a great family environment.

Scaling up a property in order to resell it can be a profitable venture. You will need to check the existing property value of your home in the current market while viewing future market trends. This will help you decide what upgrades will give the home additional value for the long term while getting a baseline on what home buyers are opting for in the present.

2. Going Green

An energy efficient home will save you money every month. It also increases the value of your home over time. Before you begin on a remodeling project, you will need to hire an energy auditor to help you identify possible improvements. Energy auditors will check every aspect of your home and tell you what parts of it are costing you money and what upgrades you can make in order to maximize ventilation and heating and where you can save on resources.

Once you know what you need to change, you can take it slow and double check the warranties of the items you are buying. Take windows for example: you will need to make sure the warranty for you windows covers the glass and not just the frame. Go for the looks that you want while ensuring that the product will last you a long time.

Use trees in order to provide your home some cover from too much sun in the summer and protection from too much wind during storms. The best trees to use are the ones that are native to your locale. Grow turf in parts of your property suited for grass and use local shrubs and trees in parts which are not ideal for it.

3. House Mitigation

A home which is compliant to the standards of insurers is bound to be an asset to the homeowner instead of a possible liability. Home remodeling is an opportunity in order to make sure that your property is disaster-ready. Get professionals to install insulation in the walls and crawlspaces because shoddy workmanship can devalue your property. If your pipes are in an open spot which renders them prone to freezing, get them moved to a better location. Your attic should be checked for insulation and ventilation to keep the roof from taking on too much snow during winter. Your house renovation project is also a great time to check for asbestos. When disaster strikes or the unthinkable happens, you will be glad that your house is in spec because your insurers will have no reason to overturn your claims.

4. Think Design

The main point of remodeling is to reinvent the home and this is where design comes into play. It does not make sense to make your house energy-efficient if the components lack coordination in terms of look. Check interior design magazines and identify the look you want. Try getting items that provide the closest feel to your intended atmosphere. In case you need help, hire an actual interior designer to help you maximize the design elements in your plan and help you get in touch with actual suppliers.

Last but not the least, place your trust only in professional contractors and service providers like Superior Remodelers when remodeling your home. Kindly get in touch with us at our 888-330-8148 and we will be more than happy to assist you on your project. You are also welcome to use our helpful contact form.